Catering Menus


For parties, weddings and business events we have a number of menu suggestions. The menus below are a starting point for your event.  Most can be customized to fit your needs and price point.

Planning for summer event? Take a look at our Summer Grill Menu, we provide everything you need to have a great party.

Hors d’Oeuvres Menus

These menus are ideal for cocktail parties or short gatherings where you want something light while your guests mingle and enjoy a drink.  These items can also be added to any event as a before dinner appetizer.

Dinner Entree Packages and Sides

These menus are the basis for dinner service whether it is buffet, plated or family-style.

Other Packages

Wedding Packages

These menus are ideal for weddings but you can choose any of our menus for your big day.  Combine them with the Hors d’Oeuvres menus for a really special day.

These menus are great for business meetings or gatherings.  Look at our other menus if you want something more like a dinner and less like a business meeting.

Party Catering Menus

These menus capture the fun of a day at the beach or a special occasion. Remember we can customize any menu to your specific needs and desires.

Beverage Menu

Coffee, tea, lemonade, juices, soda, mixers, beer, wine, and mixed drinks can be added to any package.

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